I Wish All My Friends Were Dead MP3

This split offers up a handful of tracks from two of Boston`s finest. Insult have been kicking around since the early 90's,and they haven't changed much. They're still kicking out rapid fire, whiplash hardcore tunes. Fans of Siege, Deep Wound, and SSD will dig the band's old school, speed for the sake of speed approach, which never really hits the pace of grindcore or powerviolence, but still packs a mean wallop due to its raw intensity. They offer up six songs in under four minutes, ending with the midtempo "Diddler On Parole", which sounds closer to Black Flag, and is the longest track, clocking in at just under a minute and a half. Rampant Decay are a newer act, forming in 2006, and their sound is even more aggressive and abrasive. They mix elements of grind, thrash, crust punk, and sludge into a colossal blender and spew out short, well constructed anthems for these shattered times. While Insult definitely have that throwback vibe to them and will appeal to those who loved the This Is Boston, Not LA comp, Rampant Decay seem to have more modern sensibilities, and I can see them winning over some fans from the extremephiles that frequentthis site.